Monday, June 21, 2010

Gotta Find A New World

South Carolinians may have voted for Alvin Greene, the Democratic nominee for the senate, because they thought he was soul singer, Al Green. This brings up a number of points.

Let me be clear. I am a big Al Green fan. So big in fact that I know how to spell his last name. But not so big that I would automatically vote for him if his name happened to be on a ballet. In fact, if you gave me two names that I knew nothing about their political positions and I had to nominate one for senate (an unlikely proposition as I try to find out information about candidates before I vote for them), I'd likely vote for the one that wasn't Al Green.

You see, I'd figure that Al Green has been spending his life practicing and perfecting his music. He's been on the road and in the studio. That doesn't leave a lot of time to build a foundation for a political career. The other candidate, especially if their name was unrecognizable, probably has had some kind of political career.

So, we're left with Alvin Greene as the nominee, because people thought he was Al Green, who they had no business voting for in the first place. I still think this guy was some kind of plant. But if he isn't, I'm just sorry I'm not his campaign manager. I think I could still get him the victory.

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