Monday, October 08, 2007

The Power Went Out

Quito is a bit more chaotic than Otavalo, although the latter has random dogs and kids running around all over the place. Otavaleños refers to everyone from the town by the way. The indigenous people are part of some tribe that I'll look up and out here.

I had lunch today at a fancy place for $2. It was the first time I've ever had a three-course meal at a restaurant before. I had no idea what I ordered. I thought I was eating some kind of exotic seafood, but instead it was an appetizer of potato balls and lima beans. Yuck!

Afterward, I just walked a round for a while. There are tons of (this is where the power went out. Now I'm writing a couple of hours later. Because of the loss of power, the three of us in the place at the time only had to pay a quarter because the guy didn't know how long we were on. I paid a dollar anyway, because I knew I was on longer than that. But I don't think I was on a dollar's worth.) spray-painted political sayings all over the walls. Most are pro-socialist. I think the swastika that I saw a few days ago related to fascism and not necessarily anti-Semitism, but still, c'mon, it's a freaking swastika!

My new hostel room has three beds even though I asked for a single. I hope they still give it to me as a single. A window is also jammed open. I just came from eating Indian food. It was good, but tasted a lot like corn. Soon it'll be off to try and find a tv where the Bills game is being shown. Wish me luck!

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