Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I watched the Bills game in the tv room at my hostel here in Quito. The Bills got off to a quick start thanks to Brian Mormon faking a punt and running for a first down and later, kicking a perfect punt. That led to an interception by the Bills former wide reciever and current starting safety (because of all the injuries) George Wilson, who returned it for a TD. Further along, Chris Kelsay batted a Tony Romo pass attempt into the air, where he caught it for another defensive TD.

The Bills defense and special teams played great throughout the whole game. Terrence McGee returned another kickoff for a TD. But the Cowboys strangely never seemed to go away. Romo threw 5 picks in all and added a fumble to his team´s turnover number. If there is a criticism, it´s that the Bills couldn´t sustain as many drives as they did against the Jets. Trent Edwards did play well again though. Anthony Thomas threw some key blocks throughout the game. Through it all, the Cowboys worrisomely stayed in the game.

The end of the game featured the most bizarre, unbelieveable, and heart-breaking set of cirmstances. It seemed every play garnered a different reaction, from horror to elation and back again. The Cowboys scored with about 20 seconds to go. They were down 2 with a 2-point attempt to go. Jabari Greer made another great play to strip TO of the ball. The Bills looked destined to win. But the Cowboys recovered the onside kick and moved the ball into field goal range. Their fucking kicker made it, but Bills coach Dick Jauron called timeout first. Whew. When play resumed, the fucking kicker made it again. FUCK!

An Irish guy who wanted the tv after me was in the room. He tried to be nice, but I just wanted to strangle him. I went to my room and threw a fit. I calmed down and got something to drink and then went back to my room and sat in the dark for a couple of hours.

I was thinking that the Bills didn´t really blow this game, even though they dominated and the score was frighteningly close throughout. Sure they needed to sustain a drive or two at the end. Edwards interception, his lone mistake, hurt bad. Lee Evans husteled to make the tackle and the Bills soon intercepted Romo again, but it took possible points off the board for the Bills. McGee´s drop of Romo´s apparent 6th interception also hurt bad. The final mistake was giving up a short 5 yard dump that put Dallas in field goal range on the second to last play. It seemed that the Bills were playing too far off on that play. But for the most part, they did all you could ask of Buffalo.

I woke up and it was raining. Evidently I brought winter when I came last Wednesday, but this was the first day it´s rained in the morning. Fitting, I suppose.

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