Sunday, October 07, 2007

Back in Quito

A couple more things about Otavalo. As I was walking around in the market, two dogs decided that was the perfect moment to start having sex. It felt like a three-some. After, I was just walking around a bit outside the market when some dude said words to the effect of stupid tourist (I think, I don't really understand Spanish too well). If he did, what the fuck, I didn't do anything to you. In fact, I got off the sidewalk to clear the way for you douchebag. I was also bumped into three times and then the guy give me a dirty look. Other than the last two small things, everything else was cool in Otavalo.

I waited for my friend in a restaurant in Otavalo for a couple hours. She was late on business which wasn't a problem except that I got kinda worried at some point. She also gave me the name of the restaruant, but meant the one next to it. Fortunately she was so late that the restaruant I was in closed and I found a phone and called her. Trying to get back to Quito, we couldn't find the right bus stop immediately and my friend Kristen was pretty nervous. In Quito, we got off a bit too late and she was a little nervous again. I wasn't. I guess I'm like every American man. We all have illusions that if someone tries to rob us, we'll punch him in the face and take his money! If we're liberal we'll give the money to charity and if we're conservative, I guess invest in some stocks.

Today I played basketball with some random older guys. It was cool. They spread out on the court more like a soccer game. You have defenders who hang back, forwards who don't usually play defense, but of course it's not as exaggerated as that.

Then Kristen and I went to the museum of works by the artist Oswaldo Guayasamin. The guide was really nice and gave the tour in English. The exhibit was quite moving and sad. I tried to hide my tears a bit. His paintings showed tremendous empathy for the suffering people of the world.

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