Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bills Hold On

The Bills were able to keep the Baltimore Ravens at arms length and walk away with the win, 19-14. Trent Edwards was his usually steady self. It's easy to be optimistic about his future. Marshawn Lynch ran effectively against a tough defense. Lee Evans finally neared 100 yards receiving in a single contest for the first time this season.

The importance of this win is not just in beating a potential AFC playoff team, but in the ability of this young team to comeback in their first game since the Dallas debacle. That shows a resilience that you rarely find in a youthful team led by rookies at QB and RB. I like head man Dick Jauron more with each game I watch. This season I've been quite fortunate to watch more Bills games than I have in a while. I saw the Steelers game because they just happened to show it here. I saw them beat the Jets because I was in New York at the time. I caught the Monday Night game while I was in Quito, Ecuador. Often times they show Ravens games in the Maryland part of the DC suburbs.

2-4 is not a great record, but considering who Buffalo has faced and the direction the team is going, there is cause for excitement for Bills fans.

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