Monday, September 03, 2007

Blacks vs Jews, Diversified Comedians

In the version of the friendly competition between blacks and Jews, we look at my four favorite comedians. who all happened to go on to have their own television show.

In the Jew corner, Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart.

In the black corner, Bill Cosby and Dave Chappelle.

Both Seinfeld and Cosby represented a less overt pride in their people during their respective shows. Their significance lies in subtlety sharing their culture with mainstream America. Stewart and Chappelle have both been able to crossover without needing to use the same subtlety as their forbearers.

Mainstream America and crossing over are code words for white gentiles. These four comedians tricked you into liking them. Gotcha, jerkoffs! They're all Rick James, bitch.

To decide a winner we'll see how long their shows were on air. The Cosby Show was on for 8 seasons. Seinfeld was on for 9 seasons. Chappelle's Show was on for 2 plus seasons. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been on for like 8 years or so. Anyway you slice it:
The winner is Seinfeld and Stewart.
Overall standings: Blacks 4 Jews 2

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