Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Evil Leaders League, Semis 2nd Leg

This week will determine who makes the second ever Evil Leaders League finals. Let's check out the results from the 2nd leg of the ELL semifinals:

Kim vs al-Bashir
Kim Jong-Il and his North Korean government are reaching a diplomatic thaw with the United States. Kim drives a hard bargain. In exchange for closing his nuclear program by year's end, North Korea will received significant economic aid (gimme the loot, gimme the loot) and be taken off the list of terrorist nations, and put on the list of happy, pretty, fun-time nations. As Kim gradually shifts towards mainstream global politics, one wonders whether this new-found diplomacy is all a devious plot or a desperate attempt to save his fledging country. We can only speculate right now, so we'll take him at face value for now.

Omar al-Bashir, the leader of Sudan, had a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and Ban came away impressed. Ban believes peace will come to Darfur soon. After the meeting, the Sudanese president went home and watched his favorite comedian, Weird al-Yankovic. Meanwhile Arab militias in Darfur have turned on each other, probably because they've already killed everyone else in the region. A great way to ensure the peace is to make certain their aren't any people alive to fight.
winner 2nd leg: al-Bashir by 10
winner overall: al-Bashir by 35

Chavez vs Putin
Venezuela has a president who make stick around for awhile; his name is Hugo Chavez. He likes his job and is hoping for a little job security- like for the rest of time. He wants to be president longer than I'll stay a loser (good luck Hugo). he's also helping Columbian refugees, which I'm sure negatively affects the US somehow. Vladimir Putin of Russia is preparing his country for a lower house election coming up in a few months. Evidently, his approval rating is at 80%. Wait, the Kremlin just found out about a few more dissenters. Putin's approval rating is up to 82% now.
2nd leg winner: Putin by 1
winner overall: Chavez by 2

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