Saturday, August 25, 2007


I truly believe that one day human beings will live in loving peace with one another.

I'm not sure when; I'm not sure how, but it must start with a change in our mentality. We must treat every human as if they were in our own families. Unless you're the Menendez brothers, then you should watch the Cosby Show and treat everyone like you were in their family.

In my family I don't always like everyone, but I would do anything for them if they needed me. I need to think that way with the rest of humanity. I already have the first part down.

We need more personal responsibility. Society doesn't force people to kill one another. After all, society is made of people. From now on, everyone should write down how many people they've killed each day. Count up the total at the end of the week and share that number. Like golf, lowest number wins.

Maybe someday life will be more like golf and the Cosby Show, even for the Menendez brothers.

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