Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Exception

In the last post, I didn't take into account if a creepy-looking man driving a red car in Bethesda calls for your mom to walk over to him and when she ignores the creepy man and as the two of you cross the street, the man calls your cute little mom an "asshole."

In that case, if you're anything like me, you'll scream, "FUCK YOU!" at the creepy man.

First of all, it must take a lot of courage to call a little old lady (sorry mom, but you do get mail from AARP and the Maryland Department of the Aging) an asshole when you think she's alone. And it has to take even more courage to drive off immediately once her 25-year old son screams "FUCK YOU!" so loud that everyone on the block turned to look.

If you'd like help next time, don't just whisper from afar, "Miss, Miss." People think you're a rapist. Say, "Excuse me Miss, I'm lost, can you help me?" Also try not to stop far out of the pedestrians' way. And if someone decides not to help, even after you've taken these steps, remember that perhaps they're in a rush, so please don't call them an asshole."

Let this be a lesson to everyone who wants to mess with my mom or my younger brother. I will flip out on your ass. I am not yet perfect. Don't test me.

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John said...

The devil is in the testing. Just look at NCLB.