Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Favorite Baseball Players

I was an Atlanta Braves fan from 1990-2004. I've been a Washington Nats fan since they moved to the area in 2005. Here's a list of my favorite players on my favorite teams by position.

C Brian Schneider - 3rd season with the Nats, 5 in Montreal.
1B Fred McGriff - 5 seasons with the Braves.
2B Mark Lemke - 8 full seasons with the Braves, 10 total.
SS Rafael Belliard - 8 seasons with the Braves.
3B Ryan Zimmerman - 3rd season with the Nats.
LF Ryan Klesko - 8 seasons with the Braves.
CF Andruw Jones - 12th season with the Braves, 9 while I was a fan.
RF David Justice - 8 full seasons with the Braves, 9 total.

Other guys I like, but just haven't had (or didn't have) enough tenure: Dmitri Young (Nats), Jose Vidro (Nats), Ronnie Belliard (Nats), Felipe Lopez (Nats), Marlon Byrd (Nats), Nook Logan (Nats), Jose Guillen (Nats).

Batting Order (stats on my favorite team while I'm a fan)
Batting Average, Homeruns-RBIs-Stolen Bases

1 Ryan Zimmerman .285, 38-179-15
2 Mark Lemke .250, 30-251-11
3 Fred McGriff .293, 130-446-23
4 Andruw Jones .268, 250-766-124
5 David Justice .276, 159-519-31
6 Ryan Klesko .281, 139-450-26
7 Brian Schneider .254, 20-139-3
8 Rafael Belliard .223, 1-70-8

I like speedy leadoff hitters, honest. The Braves and Nats just haven't had any for very long. Nowadays Andruw kills the Nats, but I still love him and I wish him the best of luck against everyone else.

Starting Pitchers
(Wins and Losses (Saves) on my favorite team, career ERA)
Tom Glavine 219-114, 3.49
John Smoltz 149-103 (154), 3.26
Greg Maddox 194-88, 3.10
John Patterson 11-14, 4.32
Livan Hernandez 24-18, 4.23

Off the top of my head, 3 players have played for the Braves and the Nats while either was my favorite team: Vinny Castilla, Ray King, George Lombard. Incidentally, my mom used to work for George Lombard's godfather.

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