Friday, August 10, 2007

Blacks vs Jews, Presidential Candidates

This time the friendly competition between Jews and Blacks features a contest between each group's best presidential candidate. The black representative is Barack Obama. The Jew representative is Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004 (remember?) and Barack Obama is running to be the Democratic nominee for 2008.

Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew from Connecticut who was the only Democratic candidate in 2004 that ran on a pro-Iraq war stance. How'd that work out for you, Joe? Not even his Joe-mentum could garner double-digit support anywhere (except Delaware) with that ideology and his overall unlikeability. By 2006, Lieberman completed (hopefully, for his sake) his stupendous fall- since being Al Gore's hot new vice presidential nominee in 2000- losing his party's primary campaign in his re-election bid to be senator from Connecticut. He eventually won back his seat as an Independent.

Barack Obama is a current senator from Illinois. He has positioned himself as an anti-war candidate willing to engage in dialogue with other world leaders (except his bizarre desire to invade Pakistan, because they haven't gone after Islamic extremists. The fact is Musharraf is in political trouble at home partly because of the exact opposite, for going after extremists to vigorously). While he is still in second place, that's a lot better than Lieberman could have ever dreamed of doing. And keep in mind, it's still very early in the campaign cycle.

Joe Lieberman and Barack Obama have the same amount of delegates won thus far. Unfortunately for Lieberman, his election is over and Obama's hasn't started yet.
So the winner is Barack Obama.
Overall standings: Blacks 3 Jews 0

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