Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Misdirected Bigotry

In America, we make fun of the way Muslims dress. Some of us give dirty looks to Muslim men and women wearing their traditional cultural garb. This is wrong.

I can't understand why someone would mock a man wearing a salwar kameez when there are people out there with mullets. Get your priorities straight, the mullet is far more hideous. In fact, the salwar kameez is cool. It's just a long fancy shirt over some equally baggy pants. Baggy was the 'in' thing in Karachi several hundred years before it was in Brooklyn. The mullet has never been 'in' and should, and hopefully will, never be.

What's with that stupid pencil-thin porn mustache you people wear? Can't grow a beard like me and many Muslim men? Like a real man. A cowboy hat is stupider looking than a Turkish fez, a turban, a skullcap, and whatever Quaid-e-Azam Jinnah wore. Yes it is. Yes. Listen, I'm not listening to a fucking douche with a mullet like you.

Muslim women are chastised for wearing a headscarf while no one comments on those stupid over-sized sunglasses women here wear. I understand that women wear sunglasses to avoid unwanted attention and accidental eye contact (usually with men sporting the mullet), but did you really have to buy some tinted some clown glasses? You look ridiculous.

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