Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Racist Balls

Driving on the beltway surrounding "Our Nation's Capital" I saw a red pickup truck. On the back of the truck was a wooden bar with the confederate flag painted on it. There was a sticker of the flag pasted on the truck's back window. My first inclination was to be pissed off. 'That fucking traitor! Terrorist!' Ok, ok, I didn't think that.

I was pissed off because, personally, I'm against enslaving black people (again). Then, I nervously got closer and saw that the truck had New York license plates. I became less pissed off. That redneck has balls! What New Yorker has a fucking confederate flag (the symbol of the southern secession due to the South's insistance on expanding slavery into the terroritories, prompting the American Civil War back in 1860-1865)? I mean, it makes no sense that he would have that, but it does take large testicles. Fucked up testicles, but big fucked up testicles.

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