Thursday, September 22, 2005

Katrina For Sale

Popeyes, the fried chicken restaurant chain, has an ad out for naked chicken strips. It's been airing for several weeks now. Tonight there was white text displayed over the ad, which includes two minors showing a Popeyes worker a fake ID in order to receive some naked chicken strips. The text read "donate to our Hurricane Katrina fund at Popeyes," (emphasis added). My instant reaction was 'what the fuck!'

So, they're asking you to visit your local Popeyes in order to donate funds for hurricane relief. That seems a bit fishy to me. While you're at your local Popeyes restaurant, don't you think you might tempted to, I don't know, purchase some Popeyes chicken or other food/drink-related item. The classy thing would have been to put up a website to donate to the fund or a phone number. But no, Popeyes wants to make a buck or two and sell their products while you donate. It's their new marketing ploy. Hey, it might spread and all companies will have their own hurricane relief funds that you can only donate to after you've purchased their products or visited their store. Fuck you Popeyes, fuck you.

Also, don't go to Burger King because of their new anti-Buffalo Bills commercials.

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