Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ivanka Trump's Trip to Saudi Arabia

I'm having a wonderful time in this beautiful country. I've been chauffeured around everywhere like I'm a queen! I've noticed women here have an ingenuous way of dealing with the hot desert sun. They dress themselves in all black from head to toe except for the eyes so they don't get sun burned. How smart is that!

I was taken to see three amazing female entrepreneurs. I had such a great time learning about how fantastic living in Saudi Arabia is for women. I wanted to talk to these three ladies forever! I love meeting strong independent women! Saudi officials assured me there were way more than three female entrepreneurs in the country but there just wasn't any time to meet more. Too bad! Female empowerment rules!!

I was asked to stay with Jared with or daddy the whole time because they really value family time in Saudi Arabia. That's so awesome! I learned that women in Saudi Arabia don't have the same pressures we have in America. Pressure to work, pressure to leave the house without male accompaniment, pressure to not get stoned or flogged if we commit adultery even in cases where we are raped. What a relief it must be for these Saudi women to not have so much pressure!

Yesterday. Daddy and his friends, King Salman and General Sisi, played with a cool magic orb. It was a big hit on the internet! It was funny because the picture almost never happened. King Salman and General Sisi were so busy on the phone yelling things like, "How many dissidents did we capture" and things like that. Being the ruler of a country seems like hard work. Who would've guessed it?

Anyway, I love Saudi Arabia. There were so many men staring at my hair, it made me feel really empowered. Now it's off to Israel, which will be really meaningful for me because I think I'm Jewish or something. Bye for now!

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