Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New NFL Format Standings after Week 11

An update of the NFL standings in the division and playoff format was in use. For a more comprehensive look at the format, here's last week's post.

Current AFC standings
1. NE 10-0
2. Cin 8-2
3. Den 8-2
4. Ind 5-5
5. Pit 6-4
6. KC 5-5

AFC in New Format
1. NE 10-0 (leader of NorthEast Division)
2. Den 8-2 (leader of SouthWest Division)
3. Cin 8-2 (2nd in NorthEast)
4. Pit 6-4 (3rd in NorthEast)
5. KC 5-5 (T2nd in SouthWest)
6. Ind 5-5 (T2nd in SouthWest)

In the new format, the Colts would not get a home game in the playoffs even though they have a worse record than Pittsburgh. Instead, they would be one of eight teams 5-5 or 4-6 in the AFC, all battling for the last two playoff spots. Right now, the Colts, Texans, and Jaguars are vying for the 4th spot and the other 5-5 and 4-6 teams are aiming for the 6th spot. The current format makes no sense!

Under the current format, there are two divisions without a race and a third- the North- that is in danger of being over. Only the horrid AFC South has a true race. In the new format, The Pats aren't 5 games up; they're only 2 up. Denver would still have a 3 game lead.

Current NFC standings
1. Car 10-0
2. Ari 8-2
3. GB 7-3
4. NYG 5-5
5. Min 7-3
6. Atl 6-4

NFC in New Format
1. Car 10-0 (leader of SouthEast Division)
2. Ari 8-2 (leader of NorthWest Division)
3. GB 7-3 (T2nd in NorthWest)
4. Min 7-3 (T2nd in NorthWest)
5. Atl 6-4 (2nd in SouthEast)
6. TB 5-5 (T3rd in SouthEast)

In the new format, the Giants would not even be in playoff position because they have a worse conference record than the other 5-5 teams, Tampa Bay and Seattle. The new format makes the division races and playoff chases more competitive.

The NorthWest Division race would be incredibly competitive down the stretch. Atlanta would have a shot at home field advantage int he playoffs if they play well. Mediocre teams wouldn't get a home playoff game.

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