Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New NFL Division Format

It's time to revive my annual crusade to change the NFL playoff format by combining division, Here's the plan: The NFC South and East divisions would be combined. The NFC North and West would be another division. In the AFC, the North and East would come together and so would the AFC South and West.

Teams in the same current divisions would play each other twice while teams would play the other four teams in their new division once. Four games would be played against teams in the opposing conference in the same current four year rotation. The remaining two games would be against teams in the same conference but different division.

Current AFC standings:
1) NE 9-0
2) Cin 8-1
3) Den 7-2
4) Ind 4-5
5) Pit  6-4
6) Buf 5-4

AFC in New Format:
1) NE 9-0
2) Den 7-2
3) Cin 8-1
4) Pit 6-4
5) Buf 5-4
6) NYJ 5-4

Currently, three division races are all but over already. The fourth division is the AFC South where the first place team is 4-5. The new format would currently oust the Bengals from the bye, but it would make the AFC NorthEast division very competitive at the highest level. Eliminating a losing team from having home field advantage in a playoff game makes up for the slight to the Bengals . In the new format, the Colts would be out of the playoffs and the Jets, who have a better record than the Colts, would be in.

Current NFC standings:
1) Car 9-0
2) Ari 7-2
3) Min 7-2
4) NYG 5-5
5) GB 6-3
6) Atl 6-3

NFC in New Format:
1) Car 9-0
2) Ari 7-2
3) Min 7-2
4) GB 6-3
5) Atl 6-3
6) NYG 5-5

The NFC is why I created the new format. Green Bay would get a home playoff game instead of the Giants, who are a game and half worse than the Packers. The NorthWest division race for a bye spot would be very competitive. Let's take a look:

NFC NorthWest division race in new format:
1) Ari 7-2
2) Min 7-2
3) GB 6-3

Also, more teams would be in the playoff hunt. Right now, 4-5 teams are two games back from making the playoffs (unless they're in the NFC East). Under the format, all 4-5 teams (Was, TB, STL, Sea, Phi, and Chi) would be just a game back of the playoffs. NO would be a game back and SF only a game and a half back. It would be a very exciting 10-team race for the last Wild Card spot. Instead it's a 3 team race for the weakest division.

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