Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best of the NBA's Northwest

Here are my starting fives in the history of each franchise in the Northwest division. On the left are my subjective starting fives and on the right are the starting fives according to win shares.

Denver Nuggets
Position My 5 Win Shares 5
PG Fat Lever Fat Lever
SG David Thompson David Thompson
SF Alex English Alex English
PF Antonio McDyess Nene
C Dan Issel Dan Issel

Minnesota Timberwolves
Position My 5 Win Shares 5
PG Sam Cassell Terrell Brandon
SG Doug West Anthony Peeler
SF Wally Szczerbiak Wally Szczerbiak
PF Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett
C Al Jefferson Joe Smith

Oklahoma City Thunder
Position My 5 Win Shares 5
PG Gary Payton Gary Payton
SG Fred Brown Fred Brown
SF Kevin Durant Kevin Durant
PF Shawn Kemp Shawn Kemp
C Jack Sikma Jack Sikma

Portland Trailblazers
Position My 5 Win Shares 5
PG Terry Porter Terry Porter
SG Clyde Drexler Cllyde Drexler
SF Cliff Robinson Jerome Kersey
PF Rasheed Wallace Rasheed Wallace
C Mychal Thompson Arvydas Sabonis

Utah Jazz
Position My 5 Win Shares 5
PG John Stockton John Stockton
SG Pete Maravich Jeff Hornacek
SF Adrian Dantley Adrian Dantley
PF Karl Malone Ksrl Malone
C Mark Eaton Mehmet Okur

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