Monday, February 04, 2013

Yad Vashem

We took the tram to Mount Herzl and then asked where Yad Vashem was located. We made our way to it we realized we had to stop and there was a huge flight of stairs. So back tracked and went on the lower level. The museum is quite powerful. It traces from the rise of the Nazis and the relationship of each European country with its Jews. The museum focuses on the negative as the righteous gentile and Denmark and Bulgaria- two countries that saved most of their Jews- did not get much attention.

Both my girlfriend and I saw the museum as a call to action. The implicit cause is the state of Israel because after you leave the history portion of the museum, you come out upon a stunning view of Jerusalem. Israelu flags are strategically placed outside the museum as well.

We took the tram near our hostel and my girlfriend backed her scooter a few inches to leave the tram. Some jackass decided he couldn't wait and cut right behind her. The scooter ran up his leg and nearly tipped. I yelled at him.

We walked around King George Street and by Mamilla mall. We ate sliders and bought gummies. Then we had gelato. Jerusalem has some huge dogs.

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