Thursday, December 01, 2011

To be in Relationship or Not to be

There are good things about being in a relationship and good things about not being in a relationship. Let's examine.

The good about being in a relationship:
  • Emotional intimacy with a woman.
  • Consistent sex.
  • Being there for her.
  • Having her support.
  • Learning about her interests.
  • Creating shared moments.
  • Boobies!
  • Having her to hold at night.
  • Smoothing my round edges.
  • More confidence.

The good about not being in a relationship:
  • I can watch football all Sunday and not leave the couch.
  • I can spend Saturday night watching illegal pay per view boxing streams on the internet.
  • I can go to a basketball game when I want.
  • I eat what I want.
  • I go where I want.
  • I hang out with who I want.
  • I have time to write in complete sentences.

If only there was some way to combine these two lists.

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