Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Old Football Fight

First of all, I'm kind of upset at Engine Joe Kapp. Punching old people in the face is my thing.

In this video, Angelo Mosca is a dick three times.

Joe Kapp tried to offer an apology for 40+ years of hatred between he and Mosca. He attempts to hand Mosca a flower in peace.

Dick Move #1: Mosca tells Kapp to "shove it up your ass." Whoa! Uncalled for. Kapp takes umbrage and tries to shove the flower down Mosca's throat. Ok ok, there was a better way Kapp could've handled that.

Dick Move #2: Hitting an unarmed man with a cane on the side of his face, knocking off his glasses. Kapp sticks the flower in Mosca's face after being humiliated. Mosca ups the ante a ton by bringing a weapon into this disagreement.

Dick Move #3: Getting knocked the fuck out! The other guy offers peace, you hit him with a cane, and YOU'RE the one getting punched out? You are a dick, Angelo Mosca.

You know who the real victims of this incident are? Imagine how Angelo Mosca's grandchildren feel. Their grandfather is a dick, an asshole, and a pussy all rolled into one fat immobile body. Suddenly, their lives went from, "Your grandpa played in the CFL? Cool!" to "I saw your grandpa get his ass beat by an old man on YouTube. What a loser!"

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