Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao-Marquez 3 Decision a Travestry

Manny Pacquiao won a majority decision last night over Juan Manuel Marquez. He didn't deserve it. I scored the bout 10-2 in favor of Marquez. My "window" was between 10-2 for Marquez and a 6-6 draw. I couldn't see a way Pacquiao legitimately won this fight.

Pacquiao jumped in and tagged Marquez on the shoulders repeatedly. Meanwhile, Marquez continuously nailed Pacquiao with clean counters. After the fight, producers worldwide struggled to find clips of Pacquiao cleanly hitting Marquez for their highlight reels.

Pacquiao spent the entire fight coming forward. He also threw more punches than Marquez. That can trick an inexperienced or incompetent judge into believing Pacquiao deserved the decision. Perhaps I was blinded by the low expectations I had set up for Marquez. I predicted an easy night for Pacquiao.

But the fight I saw had Pacquiao missing and Marquez effectively countering. My understanding of scoring round boils down to which boxer showed the most effective aggression. Pacquiao was aggressive, but Marquez's punches were far more effective.

Marquez is an excellent fighter, extremely intelligent. But he's slow and small. Mayweather has the intelligence, but is fast and big. I see Mayweather countering Pacquiao on route to an easy shutout decision should they ever meet.

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