Monday, November 07, 2011

OccupyDC and the Police

I am at the OccupyDC protest. We are standing in the street yelling slogans. "We are the 99%!" "The people have the power!"The police decide to act. "Get on the sidewalk!" The protestors are confused. "Why? What's going on?" "Just get back!" The police do not concern themselves with our questions.

The protestors scramble to either side of the street. The edge of the sidewalk is crowded. I am one step away from the curb, my toes peeking onto the black of the road. "Get back!" a policeman screams at me. Where am I to go? I shoot a dirty look in his direction. "Get back now!" I scoot back a fraction of an inch and touch another protestor. "Get back now!"

The policeman pokes me in the stomach with his club. I slap at the club. He lowers it and swings it at my groin. I am laying in the street face first with my hands clutching my bruised crotch. The policeman stands over me. From his angle, he must not be able to see me rise on all fours. I then squat and spring up, uppercutting him back in the groin.

The policeman falls over my back. He drops his club. I pick it up and jerk it over my head in order to plummet it into his groin repeatedly, occasionally attacking his face. His pants become darker in the groin area as I likely have induced blood to spurt. A policewoman points her gun directly at me.

In the panic, the policewoman must have inadvertently crept too close to me. My survival instinct kicks in and I swat at the gun with the club. I make contact and the gun flies out of the police woman's hands. It strangely lands beside me. I naturally pick it up. I look up and ten police officers are pointing their guns at me.

"This was a peaceful protest. All of these weapons are yours. This man hit me with this club first. This woman pointed this gun at me first." "Drop the gun!" "You started this! This is your gun! I came unarmed!" "Drop the gun!" "I was asserting my right to protest! This was a peaceful protest! You turned it violent!" "Drop the gun!"

The crowd closes in around the tense scene. The wave of people continue to push. People flow in between myself and the police officers. A gun shot echoes and a protestor falls as life leaves his body. I shoot one policeman through the crowd. Another police officer shoots into the crowd, killing another protestor. A protestor picks up the slain police officer's gun and shoots another. That police officer's gun is snatched up by a protestor and soon all of the police officers lay in their own blood, victims of their own weapons.

In that tragic scene, the people begin chanting, "We are the 99% The people have the power!" No other government officials dare show up to challenge us.

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