Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Bills are 4-1

The main problem the Philadelphia Eagles had today was that they tried to circle the wagon. And we all know that no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!

The Bills offense is impressive. One weakness is that the offense goes into a shell in the fourth quarter when the team once had a big lead in the game. That wasn't the case against Kansas City in week 1, but it has been the past two weeks.

The defense gives up a lot of yards. It's not a bend-but-don't-break defense because it gives up a lot of points too. But it creates a lot of turnovers which makes up for other deficiencies, particularly with such a potent offense.

The 2011 Bills remind me of the Super Bowl Bills to some degree. Those teams also gave up a lot of yards yet created turnovers. This year features a semi-hurry up offense and is pass-first, utilizing the RB in the air. But both teams could run well when needed. Both teams were solid on special teams.

One difference is the privileged draft position the early '90s crew came from. This year's version includes castoffs and passed-ons. We'll see if this year's team can reach a similar amount of success as the glory teams of the past.

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