Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Nats Announcers

I read that the Nats didn't pick up Bob Carpenter's option for next season. That's a shame. I sincerely hope the Nats bring him back. He's been with the club since 2006 and that first hand knowledge of the team's history is not something you can replace.

Carpenter is very professional and experienced. After all these years, he's comfortable to listen to. Sure, over six 162 game seasons, he's said some wacky things. But most of those wacky thigns came in during the Dibble era. His homer attitude has also largely eroded since Dibble left. The Nats should sign him for next year.

I like F.P. Santangelo and value consistency in the broadcast booth (unless an announcer is really terrible; for example, Rob Dibble or Ray Knight). Santangelo has trouble when a play-by-play guy challenges something he says. He flipped out when Carpenter tried to avoid the subject of Michael Morse winning a batting title and scolded Dave Jageler when the latter didn't accept that the Phillies clinching the division against the Nats for the fifth time was somehow a good thing. But if he can get past that, I like F.P.

I also really like the radio guys, Jageler and Charlie Slowes, so let's not change them. But Ray Knight has got to go. His analysis is so convoluted, everything relates to his playing days somehow, and he makes outlandish statements (such as Danny Espinosa is one of the best second basemen ever).

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