Sunday, July 03, 2011

Reminiscent of '05

The 2011 Nats are an exciting team in a similar way as the '05 version. Good pitching, solid defense, and timely hitting have been both teams' m.o. The '05 squad had an incredible won-loss record in one-run games during the first half of the season. This year's team has shown that same resiliency. Both teams had long win streaks.

That '05 team collapsed during the second half of the season and the Nats haven't even approached decency until this year. This year's roster is far younger than the '05 Nats. Also, Werth and Zimmerman have struggled thus far. You'd have to imagine that won't continue through September. The 2005 team didn't have any hitters as good as those two.

Not only does the future look bright for the Nats, but the present is exciting. Sure, they're a .500 team, but they're a scrappy scratch club. It's fun to watch. And the optimism of the future helps too.

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