Thursday, July 28, 2011


Despite all of the trouble in the world, I am optimistic. It is important not to be subsumed by the problems of the day. We will get out of it; we always do. Humanity's nature is to progress.

In the grand scheme of things, the debt crisis is nothing. We have bigger problems. People kill other people. People live in poverty. People starve. People experience no love in their lives. Often times we feel powerless to help.

But things will change. It's a slow process. We must start slow and keep moving forward. It's important to show empathy for others, no matter the situation. We must not worry about regrets; just keep moving. It isn't about mistakes we've made in the past. It's about showing compassion the next time the opportunity presents itself.

I am optimistic. One day there will be a world without violence. Humanity will evolve to the point where we instinctively put ourselves in another's position. We will recognize our intertwined nature and realize that causing pain to another also harms ourselves. That day will come.

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