Thursday, June 09, 2011

Odds of Attack

U.S. Presidents continually tell us that the United States is not at war with Islam. Yet, both Bush and Obama have attacked Muslim countries. None of the invasions have been for the sake of national security. But it's like they can't help themselves.

With that in mind, it's difficult to see a scenario where the U.S. doesn't keep up its streak of attacking more Muslim countries. So, here are the odds that these Muslim countries will be the next one attacked. Remember, this is not a list as to whether the U.S. will attack these countries- the U.S. will, because they're Muslim countries- it's merely who will be next.

Syria 8/3
Yemen 2/1
Somalia 4/1
Iran 6/1
Algeria 8/1
Pakistan 9/1
Lebanon 10/1
Egypt 13/1
Bahrain 15/1
Oman 25/1
Qatar 30/1
Morocco 33/1
Djibouti 36/1
Kuwait 38/1
Jordan 42/1
Tunisia 46/1
Uzbekistan 51/1
UAE 54/1
Tajikistan 56/1
Turkmenistan 59/1
Kazakhstan 62/1
Kyrgyzstan 66/1
Azerbaijan 77/1
Malaysia 83/1
Niger 88/1
Mauritania 91/1
Indonesia 95/1
Turkey 110/1
Sudan 250/1
Saudi Arabia 500/1

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, Yemen won already.