Monday, September 20, 2010

Leave Omri Alone

Omri Casspi, a forward for the Sacramento Kings, as seen his likeness defaced twice within the last week. Anti-Semites painted swastikas over Casspi on a Kings poster for the second time in the past week. Casspi, who is Jewish, is the first ever Israeli to play in the NBA.

There are still a large number of bigots in the U.S. who hate Jews. It's an issue that can't be ignored and must be dealt with. I mean, who hates Omri Casspi? He's a good outside shooter, not good enough for opposing fans to take notice of him, but too good for Kings fans to resent his presence.

This isn't an issue about Israel. It's about Jews being afforded the opportunity to live in the U.S. in peace, without being victimized by hate. We need to take a stand against all kinds of bigotry, whether against, Jews Muslims, blacks, Latinos, gays or any other group facing hatred.

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