Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jews Going to Hell?

Today, a young student of mine told me, "You're going to hell because you're Jewish." Another student tried to defend me by saying, "He's only half-Jewish and half-American," as if they were mutually exclusive.

The first student told me to "Go back to Israel," which will be difficult as I've never been there. The student recently came from Korea. Other Korean students gave him a weird look and then told him to go back to Korea.

When he left, I called out to him, "See you tomorrow." He said, I don't think I'll be back... because you're Jewish."

I've known this student for almost a year. He's a good kid. I asked him why all of the sudden he's saying things like this. After all, it was a couple of months ago that he became a Yuri Foreman fan because of me. I asked if they were saying these things in church. He said they were.

It doesn't do anything to dispel my impression that somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of Christians believe Jews are going to hell. I remember a story where South Korean missionaries were held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan because they were trying to convert people to Christianity. At least some Koreans take that whole Christianity shit pretty seriously.

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