Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 World Cup Predictions

Round of 16
South Korea over South Africa
Argentina over Mexico
England over Ghana
Germany over United States
Netherlands over Paraguay
Italy over Japan
Brazil over Spain
Cote d'Ivoire over Chile

England over South Korea
Brazil over Netherlands
Argentina over Germany
Italy over Cote d'Ivoire

Brazil over England
Argentina over Italy

Brazil over Argentina

Please note that these are expert prediction and will most certainly come true. I strongly advise you to bet your entire fortune on these predictions. They were made with the Southern Hemisphere theory in mind, which reasons that since the World Cup is being played in the Southern Hemisphere, countries from the Southern Hemisphere will have a better chance than they would've had the Cup been played in the Northern Hemisphere. Again, please bet your entire life savings on these picks. They can't possibly be wrong.

note: These prediction may only be used for gambling purposes.

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