Sunday, May 23, 2010

Judge and Jester

I went to court to challenge a speeding ticket. The judge called my name, or some distant facsimile. I was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks. I couldn't find my dress shoes, so I had to where my sneakers.

As I walked to the stand, the judge exclaimed, "Ah, the man with the white shoes!" The entire courtroom bellowed in laughter. I gave a sheepish grin. In reading my charge (78 in a 55), the judge stopped and asked me what kind of car I drove.

"A Honda Accord, your honor."
"I didn't realize they could go that fast," he quipped.
"Me neither!" I retorted. The judge realized he had walked right into that one.

But besides making fun of my shoes and my car, the judge also substantially raised my fine, which pissed me off. At least the conviction was lowered to going 64 in a 55, although that doesn't make sense. If you kill 18 people do they lower the conviction to 14 but give you more time in prison?

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