Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Tournament Championships

No one gave Gordon Hayward the script. He was supposed to make one of the those last two shots. But he played well. Matt Howard, however, did not. Duke was able to utilize their size, leading to numerous offensive rebounds and easy out-of-bounds-plays near the rim.

The tragedy of Butler's loss was that this team will be remembered as having a great run. Their might be an addendum, "They were for real." But that should be obvious. It doesn't need to be stated. Just because they played in the Horizon League, doesn't mean the question as to whether or not they were for real should be raised. Unfortunately, sweeping the Horizon League counts for less than going 11-5 in the Big 10 or the SEC. College basketball should reward winning. Butler is a winning team. But Duke came away with the title.

For me, women's basketball is like a freind that you only see once in a while, but it should be more frequently. Circumstances. UCONN's streak finally ended. The Huskies laid an egg in the first half against Stanford. But Maya Moore is so good. She put UCONN on her back and the team stormed back, costing to a relatively easy victory. But wait, didn't I say UCONN's streak ended? It did. Their streak of 77 consecutive wins... by double digits. UCONN won by 6.

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