Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts of the First Round of the NCAA Tournament

Well, I've been lamenting the thought of posting after Georgetown's loss. But I have no problem facing up to my failures. I've had a lot of practice. I didn't like Georgetown's scramble defensive and it cost them dearly. They gave up nearly 100 points. As they were flying all over the place, Ohio was picking them apart by passing to the open man.

I thought Notre Dame's burn offense was a bit of poor strategy. When Haringody was out and Notre Dame had to face Big East opposition, it makes sense to limit the number of possessions in the game. But against Old Dominion and with Harangody back in the lineup, you're just giving them a chance to shine. ODU is a team that prides itself on execution. Notre Dame should have tried to maximize their talent advantage.

After Georgetown lost, I stopped caring. Oh, I've been watching the games, but not with the same intensity. Immediately after the defeat, I laid stiff in grief for about an hour and a half and even fell asleep a little bit. There's very little as disappointing as losing your predicted champion in the first round on the NCAA Tournament. Especially when it's your team and it was widely thought they'd have a shot at winning it all.

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