Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Star Weekend Recap

What can you learn from an All Star Game? Well, we saw the best of Dwight Howard. He had an impressive block and an amazing alley oop finish. He hit a three and lit up a big smile. But he also had a couple of goaltending calls against him and one particularly stupid foul towards the end of the game.

That foul was one three at the end of the game. Deron Williams committed a bone-headed intentional foul a la the Mavericks Derek Harper against the Lakers during the playoffs in the 1980s. While the free throw shooting at the end was a little unsatisfying (not that I blame the refs, I like the game to be as true to life as possible), it was less sloppy than in years past. it also had an edge-of-your-seat ending. Wade ended up being the MVP as the East won. I thought LeBron, who had three incredible dunks in the 3rd quarter, should have won the award. Bosh also played well for the East.

For the West, Carmelo Anthony thought it was an Olympic game and took it seriously. Chauncey Billups dominated in the fourth. The Knicks David Lee didn't get to play much and didn't play particularly well when he did get in. The crowd set a record for attendance at a basketball game. If everyone chipped in a dollar, they could have had Sarah Palin speak at halftime.

Last night, Nate Robinson won his third Slam Dunk contest. Three of his four dunks lifted me out of my seat. Only DeMar DeRozan's catch off the side of the backboard a la Dwight Howard created the same result. I was impressed by Shannon Brown's switching hands in mid flight, even if was largely maligned by others.

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