Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama & McCain Vice President Possibilities

Another Vice Presidential nominee update here. First is a list of the top 10 people I think Barack Obama should choose. Check out the my first (more extensive) list on Obama's VP choices.
(pr - indicates previous rank. I only made a list of my top 5 overall selections last time)
1. Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) - Executive experience? Check. Foreign Policy experience? Check. In a swing state? Check. Help with Latinos? Check. Like guns? Check. Anything else? Former cabinet member. Hired! (pr- 1)
2. Gov. Tim Kaine (Va) - A young fellow from an important swing state. He is able, but also makes Obama look more impressive at the same time. (pr- 2)
3. Gov. Jennifer Granholm (Mi) - Could help with women and is popular in a state that must go blue and Obama could have some trouble with. (pr- 3)
4. Sen. Evan Bayh (Ind) - A former Hillary Clinton supporter from the crucial Midwest. (pr- 5)
5. Fmr Sen. John Edwards (NC) - Not likely to accept, but he would seem to help with those few working class whites from a few states that might waver on voting for Obama. (pr- not ranked)
6. Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mizz) - Falling on the list because of her run-of-the-mill talking-points performance on Meet the Press yesterday. If she can get away from sounding so rehearsed, she'd be a good choice. (pr- 4)
7. Fmr VP Al Gore - He would be higher on the list if he wasn't so unlikely. (pr- nr)
8. Fmr Sen. Bill Bradley (NJ) - He'd be a good choice. He's respected, but talks in a very monotone manner, which would accentuate Obama's charisma, while providing the voter with comfort in knowing that an experienced person is behind Obama. (pr- nr)
9. Fmr Gov. Howard Dean (Vt) - Dean was the pre-cursor to Obama in many ways, but a less effective version. Dean might not be the best choice, but he would appease the liberal base and fit into Obama's message of change. (pr- nr)
10. Fmr Sen. Sam Nunn (Ga) - I'm not a fan of his (He's here just so I can talk about him, I like others better). He would make Obama look weak on the foreign policy front and hurt his perception of hoping to change the culture of Washington.

Do not pick JOE BIDEN!!!!! I will almost surely not vote for Obama then. Joe Biden has a bad plan for Iraq, makes numerous offensive statements, and has that whole plagiarism scandal past. Hillary Clinton and Jim Webb would also be bad selections.

Now for John McCain. This is a list of his most likely choices. In that regard, it's different from the one above. This is the third such list for McCain, so check out the last one.
(pr - indicates previous rank. The last list had more than 10 possibilities.)
1. Gov. Charlie Crist (Fl) - As always, I think he's likely and a good choice. (pr- 1)
2. Gov. Tim Pawlenty (Min) - More talk means more likely. (pr- 6)
3. Fmr Gov. Mitt Romney (Mas) - Honestly, I can't believe McCain is seriously considering him. (pr- 3)
4. Fmr Gov. Tom Ridge (Pa) - Would be perfect for McCain, except he's pro-choice. Personally, I think that would help him even more, but McCain seems determined to lose the election kowtowing to the right wing. (pr- 2)
5. Gov. Mark Sanford (SC) - Shore up the South. (pr- 8)
6. Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) - Girly name could help with women, anti-woman stances could help with men. (pr- 10)
7. Fmr Rep. Rob Portman (Oh) - Would be an interesting safe pick, but not sure how much he would truly help. (pr- nr)
8. Carly Fiorina - Businesswoman and McCain's economic advisor would help with his perceived weakness and she might help with his problem attracting women. (pr- nr)
9. Gov. Rick Perry (Tx) - A safe pick to balance McCain's foreign policy cred with executive experience. (pr- 9)
10. Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb) - Would be a ballsy pick. Does McCain have the guts? (pr- 7)

Others and their previous rank- Mike Huckabee (pr- 4). Bobby Jindal (pr- 5). Sarah Pallin (pr- 13)


AJ526 said...

Granholm was born in Canada. She is not eligible for VP.

knibilnats said...

That one slipped by me. Thanks.