Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maimonides Speaks To Me

Maimonides appeared to me in a vision last night. Thankfully, he spoke in English. This is what he said to me:

Keep going. You're on the right track. This world should not be about exclusion and division. It is about appreciating each other's differences. Judaism is fundamentally progressive and thus ever changing. Those that wish to keep Judaism frozen in time are misguided. They stringently adhere to the perception of G-d and the world by people over 5,000 years ago. While there is much wisdom in the Torah, to hold it as absolute truth denies one's ability to grow and to progress. While it is valid to maintain beliefs even if they are stuck in some nonexistent era, it is wrong to declare that only yours represent absolute truth. If you are right, then anyone who doesn't see it your way is wrong. That is a destructive philosophy, not only for the world at large, but also for the individual.

You have much to learn yet. You still need to grow. That is why you are still on Earth. But you are heading in the right direction. You understand the essential principle of this world, you know you don't know. May you stand strong and stay on the path of empathy, whether for your fellow Jews, for Muslims, for the people of Zimbabwe, et al. Keep your eyes and ears open.

And one last thing, don't wipe so ferociously. It causes small scrapes in your asshole and when you run, sweat collects and irritates the scrapes, which eventually result in the burning sensation that you're feeling.

Best Wishes.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, you are hilarious! Long live Probst.