Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still Rolling

The Buffalo Bills have won 3 straight games and 4 out of their last 5. Their latest triumph came at home over the Cincinnati Bengals, 33-21. J.P. Losman started the game and played very well. He threw for 295 yards passing and a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch ran for 153 yards including an amazing 56 yards trot towards the end of the game. Lynch also threw his first NFL pass, which resulted in a touchdown. Lee Evans exploded for 165 yards receiving and a touchdown.

The Bills defense is filled with a bunch of guy who are undersized, but work their asses off. It's inspiring to watch. I was fortunate to get to watch them on TV yet again. They are undersized and underexperienced, but the Bills defense shows the importance of desire and will. Former wide receiver George Wilson has been impressive as the former third string safety and Jabari Greer continues to play well at corner back, also a former third stringer. The tough secondary beat up Bengal wideout Chad Johnson, who left on a stretcher near the end of the game. I wish him the best.

At the start of the season, a friend of mine didn't see any wins for the Bills during the first half of the year, mostly because of their difficult schedule. I thought we could be 4-4 and if we were, we'd have a good shot at the playoffs. Well, here we are, 4-4. It has been the most inspiring 4-4 team I've ever seen. I'm glad they're my team. GO BILLS!

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