Monday, November 26, 2007

My Teams on TV

Here's a list of games featuring my teams that I've been able to watch on tv. Keep in mind I don't have your HDs or Tivos or whatever. I got the same good old basic cable that we've had since 1988.

Buffalo Bills 5-6
opponent - result
Pittsburgh - L
NY Jets - W
Dallas - L
Baltimore - W
Cincinnati - W
New England - L
Jacksonville - L

I'm glad I've got to watch so many Bills games this season. It's probably more games than I've been able to see over the last several years combined. They've been an easy team to root for, filled with underdogs and featuring exciting games.

New York Knicks 3-9
opponent - result
Denver - W
Chicago - W

The only thing that could turn this team around is if I'm able (and willing) to watch them.

college basketball
George Mason Patriots 5-1
opponent - result
Vermont - W
Kansas State - W
Villanova - L

Mason is a team with the talent to make the NCAA tournament and then ruin your bracket again. Folarin Campbell and Will Thomas are the team's best players and both started in the 2006 Final Four. The role players are quite talented as well.

Miami RedHawks 3-1
opponent - results
Southern California - L
Mississippi State - W

Bramos and Tim Pollitz are the two best players for a team that utilizes a methodical style. They have plenty of hardworking role players. With wins over Xavier and Mississippi State, Miami is on their way to creating a strong resume to make the NCAA Tournament, where their style could upset somebody.

Georgetown Hoyas 3-0

I haven't seen Georgetown play yet. Roy Hibbert, Jesse Sapp, DeJuan Sommers, and Jonathan Wallace are the best returning players from last year's Final Four team.

college football
Miami RedHawks 6-6
opponent - result
Akron - W

Couldn't really tell you anything about them. I'm just not a college football fan because of the stupid BCS. All I know it that Akron game was probably the most boring game I've ever watched, despite the combined 4 interceptions in the end zone.

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