Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get Informed and Vote

The presidential primary season begins in a few weeks from now. Yet, there are so many intelligent people who know very little about the candidates' positions. There are so many intelligent and educated people who know so little. There are so many intelligent, educated, and thoughtful people who know so little about what is going on. Particularly people of my generation are just so ignorant and apathetic and it's our fault.

This is a frightening proposition. Intelligent people, educated people, and thoughtful people, or any combination of the three, need to be the ones to determine those that run our country. These people need to take the leadership in this process. Particularly the younger generation. We've seen what happens when the world is left up to older people. We must take control.

The fate of the world is in our hands. Learn about the candidates' positions. You are smart enough, equipped to, or analytical enough to scrape through the bullshit the media and the candidates themselves put out and find where they stand. We must create our own calling and not allow us to be ignored.

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