Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let's Move On

After a game like this, it's hard to put emotions into words. The disappointment mostly stems from the fact that the Buffalo Bills are a likeable bunch, easy to root for. They're made up of a collection of underdogs, who have beaten the odds to get into the playoff race.

The big loss to the Patriots tonight is hard to take. A veteran team would take the thrashing and come back with a lot of pride. But the Bills are young and are momentum-driven. Confidence matters for the whole team and it's hard to have a lot it after that game.

Granted, the Bills didn't have Marshawn Lynch because of injury. Trent Edwards would have been a better fit than J.P. Losman because of Edwards' methodical approach to the passing game. Losman is an all-or-nothing gambler, which requires the Bills' defense to be on the field an awful lot against the impeccable Patriots attack.

The loss was not unexpected. At 5-5, the Bills are still just fine. The crucial games are clearly against the Jaguars and the Browns. The three contests against the NFC East will be challenges. Dick Jauron should just throw out the film from this game and let's move on.

notes: Can someone please tell Al Michaels and John Madden that the Bills never accused the Patriots of running up the score? Thanks. Then Madden chastised the Bills for continuing to play in the last two minutes. He thought they shouldn't pass the ball and call timeouts if they're going to criticize the Patriots for running up the score. Again, the Bills didn't say anything about running up the score (considering it was still during the game. Dick Jauron congratulated Bill Belichick afterwards anyway). The Bills also didn't call timeout. So shut the hell up Madden and Michaels.

Once and for all, J.P. Losman is not Jewish and you're an idiot for thinking so. Peyton Manning is not Jewish and you're insane for thinking so.

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