Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dennis Kucinich - A Closer Look

Dennis Kucinich is a congressperson from Ohio and running for the Democratic nomination for president.

Here are some of Kucinich's points that I like:
  • For a full withdrawal of troops from Iraq
  • Voted not to fund the war
  • Against the death penalty
  • Pro-gay rights, marriage
  • Pro-gun control
  • Healthcare for undocumented workers, path to citizenship, no wall on the border

Here are some I don't like:

  • Wants to fully fund No Child Left Behind, not do away with
  • Health care plan impractical, buying out insurance companies
  • No real environmental plan, beyond "harmony with nature"
  • Running a narrow campaign as anti-war candidate (there are others in the race)

Here are some irrelevant fun facts:

  • Voted not to fund the Hundred Years War
  • Baseball fan, can't throw a baseball 5 feet. Can kick it a mile
  • Thinks the pope is an infallible douchebag
  • Supports aliens of all kind
  • Is annoying to watch a football game with:
  • Keeps saying, "There are no illegal procedures, only undocumented procedures."

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