Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ten Favorite Neo-Nazis

Here is a list of my favorite Top 10 neo-nazis:
10. Tom Metzger - He's so racist that he carefully extracts all of the "colored" M&Ms and throws them away. Makes you wonder why he buys M&Ms at all.
9. William Pierce - There was a guy by the same name in my grad school. In fact I had a class with just him, me, and the professor. But that William Pierce wasn't a neo-nazi, didn't write the Turner Diaries, and could spell.
8. Robert Jay Matthews - He was a famed genius at multiplication, but only if one of the numbers was 1.
7. Richard Butler - He wasn't a real reverend, but he was a real behayme.
6. David Duke - Another Duke for people from Maryland to hate. He has pure white crabs in his pubic hair.
5. Timothy McVeigh - Despite the racial bias of the SAT, he still did worse than every black person who has ever taken the test.
4. Bob Heick - The original slogan of the White Aryan Resistance was "W.A.R. what is it good for? Absolutely nothing." The slogan was later changed.
3. Kevin Alfred Strom - He was arrested on charges of child pornography.
2. Matthew Hale - The overlooked protagonist in For the Love of Hate, The Riccio-Hale Story.
1. Bill Riccio - If you google Bill Riccio my story For the Love of Hate, The Riccio-Hale Story is on the first page! Go ahead, google Bill Riccio. Searches of Bill Riccio have accounted for about 40% of all of this site's traffic and that percentage is sure to go up now.


Tom said...

Silly boy. I eat all my colored M&Ms. I love the sound of the crunch when I'm chewing them. It sounds like "VICTORY"its. Tom Metzger

knibilnats said...

That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Think about it. Lord I hope that's true.