Saturday, October 13, 2007

In Baños

On the way to Ambato last night, a guy from Colombia sat in front of Kristen and I. He talked to Kristen about the value of the Ecuadorian currency (which is actually US currency) and about the various state quarters. He also said that I didn't look like I was from the United States at all; I look like I'm from Colombia. Polish-Ukrainian Jews get that a lot. But it furthers my theory that every groups pretty much looks like every other group, or at least there's significant overlap.

In Baños I heard a voice, ¨Have you recovered?¨It was the Irish guy who watched the final minutes of the Bills' collapse Monday night in my hostel with me in Quito.

I walked up to the Virgin de Santa Agua or something like that. It's apparently 614 steps up and my body did not appreciate 612 and a half of those steps. They make taffy here by slamming it against a nail in the wall and stretching it out. I bought some. it was very hard on my feeble teeth. We tried to get guinea pig for dinner, but it turns out it's more of a lunch thing. Maybe tomorrow.

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