Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baños to Quito

In Baños they have a band reminiscent of the Dodger Sym-phony and they play during random spurts throughout the town. At least dem bums play bee-yoo-tee-ful.

Today I did some more hiking in Baños, which probably wasn't a good idea. I was sweating a lot, which might be normal for Rush Limbaugh near a pharmacy, but not for me. I also didn't bring any water or anything because I'm a moron. But everything was fine.

Later I ate cuy, which is guinea pig. It was fucking delicious, right down to the paws.

Kristen and I took a bus back to Quito. At one of the stops in Quito, the woman sitting in front of us got up to get off. Her boyfriend however had other plans. He was sitting directly in front of me and was fast asleep. She shook him vigorously and was screaming her head off to try and wake him up. Nothing worked. After trying for a bit, she gave up, cussed him out, and got off the bus. Everyone around him was shocked, confused, and laughing. When we arrived at the bus station, the guy was still asleep, even as we all walked by him, sometimes bumping him on the head. I don't think he was dead, because he was moving slightly. Kristen said that sometimes people will put things in candy and when you eat it, you pass out for a couple of days (and the candy-givers steal your stuff). But who knows.

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