Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bills Lose Big

The Bills lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-3. The Steelers dominated statistically on both sides of the ball. But the Bills defense did play pretty well, especially under the circumstances.

Coming off of several major injuries from last week, the Bills stoppers were forced to stay on the field forever because Losman and the offense never got it together. The Bills mustered only one first down in the first half. Losman held the ball entirely too long and the Bills receivers couldn't get open.

Losman was given time to throw on most dropbacks. Other offensive bright spots include Roscoe Parrish, who is like a shook-up soda bottle when he touches the ball, just ready to explode. Rookie running back Marshawn Lynch had a nice day again and he'll only get better.

The Bills bend-but-don't-break defense held the Steelers out of the end zone until late in the 3rd quarter. The Steelers scored their first touchdown to push the score to 19-3. Next, the Bills failed on a fourth down try in field goal range and the Steelers later added another score. The Bills are 0-2.

More importantly, the news on Kevin Everett has been good. I wish him the best.

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