Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Larry Craig is my Boyfriend

The only way anybody cares about a senator from Idaho is if they're caught in a gay sex scandal.

Larry Craig insists he's not gay. Many people insist otherwise. Why would so many men say they've had some form of sexual contact with Larry Craig if he wasn't? They don't have much to gain from Larry Craig being gay.

I regularly hug many of my friends and kiss them on the cheek, male and female, and yet somehow there isn't a rush of men claiming to have had sex with me. Strange.

If Larry Craig didn't have an anti-gay voting record, his gayness wouldn't be an issue. But he does have an anti-gay voting record, so he's a hypocrite.

Generally when people call press conferences to announce that they're not gay: they are. The only exception is Anne Heche.

I didn't realize that tapping your foot and waving your hand under the stall next to you and making eye contact is a signal that you want to have gay sex. That explains a lot of awkward trips to the bathroom.

Larry Craig could have fought the charges very easily. Unfortunately for him, he didn't follow lesson number one in the manual of proving your innocence: 1) Don't plead guilty.

If you're gay, be gay. Be proud. Don't have an anti-gay voting record.

Larry Charles, let me introduce you to Ted Haggard. Be careful, he's a bad boy, a naughty boy, maybe even a nasty boy.

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