Monday, August 06, 2007

He Tied the Record

The ball left Clay Hensley's hand and flew towards the catcher. With a mighty swing, Barry Bonds changed the ball's direction. Bonds hit a scorcher to the opposite field. The ball jumped over the fence. He tied the record.

Bonds watched the ball leave, pumped his fist, and began to circle the bases for the 755th time. Some boos fell from the lips of the spectators in San Diego while others cheered. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig stood there emotionless during one of the most historic moments in the game's history.

Bonds touched home and gave his son a big bear hug. He jogged over to his daughter and wife and gave them both a kiss. Then he sat down. A perfect moment for Barry Bonds and those of us who understand the magnitude of his greatness. But the person most moved wasn't physically in the ballpark; it was his father Bobby watching from above.


Swati Sengupta said...

Good too read u again after a long... guess what David... i am in bangalore now... moved to this city... and the other day when I was walking through the city was remembering ur posts :P

soon i will update my blog and then lets compare :P
take care :)

knibilnats said...

Good to here from you again Swati.

I'm interesting in getting your perspective on Bangalore, especially as someone from India but not from Bangalore and if it's any better to live there than to visit. I hope your stay is better than my 4 days. If not, you can always go to Mysore and get in fights with the jerks over there :)

I'll be reading,
take care too