Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blacks vs Jews, Gay Communists

In this version of Blacks vs Jews, a friendly competition between the two groups, we examine the lives of a great gay communist from each community. Bayard Rustin represents blacks while Allen Ginsberg is his Jewish counterpart.

Bayard Rustin was a civil rights acitivist who believed in non-violent methods of eradicating persecution. He was also a gay communist. Allen Ginsberg was a beat poet and avid spokesman for freedom of speech. He was also a gay communist.

Rustin worked closely with the great civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph. He was instumental in the first freedom ride, well before it reached the national consciousness. He was Dr. Martin Luther King's tactical mentor (yep) during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Rustin consulted African leaders and was a principle organizer for the 1963 March on Washington. Allen Ginsberg is best known for his poem Howl. he knew the great writer Jack Kerouac. He was a leading voice in protesting the Vietnam war and promoted free speech all around the world. Both fought for gay rights.

So how do we decide who wins? Let's look at their organization affiliations.

Bayard Rustin
YCL - Young Communist League
FOR - Fellowship of Reconciliation
CORE - Congress of Racial Equality
APRI - A. Philip Randolph Institute

Allen Ginsberg
NAMBLA - North American Man/Boy Love Association

Though Ginsberg joined the organization to promote freedom of speech, and not have sex with boys, the outcome becomes clear after reviewing this list.

And the winner is Bayard Rustin.
Overall standings: Black 2 Jews 0

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