Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Presidential Debate Fun

The debate format should be as such: Each candidate has 10 or so consecutive minutes to answers questions on the specific debate topic. I'd like a reporter to ask the questions so that they can ask direct relevant follow-up questions, but the youtube format is nice once in awhile. At the end, each candidate has a minute rebuttal/closing statement.

Hopefully that format will eliminate reliance on soundbites and allow the viewer to know what the fuck these people specifically stand for.

Hillary Clinton is great at these little soundbites and she knocked a couple of softball questions out of the park (without taking steroids). She was asked if as a woman she would be taken seriously by Muslim countries. Really? This is the shit she has to answer? That question is offensive to women and Muslims and me as a viewer. I still don't like her position on the Iraq war however.

Joe Biden also performed nicely. He's the only one who can tell a joke. There's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, it's probably in Tennessee: You maybe probably shouldn't vote for president based on joke-telling ability. But Biden has at least made me mildly interested in what he actually stands for.

Barack "Barry" Obama doesn't thrive in the short answer section of the SATs. He answers every question with an elaborate story, which is nice, but makes it appear as if he's avoiding the question. Unlike Chris Dodd, Obama seems to be more in touch with reality though. Bill Richardson also struggles with articulating his point in short intervals, but at least he's got bigger cojones than Dodd who waffles more than an ice cream cone.

I respect John Edwards' commitment to the poor and his ability to communicate with the dead. That'll come in handy as his wife has cancer. Oh, that's a different guy? And that joke was in poor taste? Ann Coulter is my hero. I respect Denis Kucinich's consistent stance against the war in Iraq and, like Joe Biden, his leggy wife.

So this post made about as much sense as a Mike Gravel rant. I appreciate that he brings a different voice to the debates, I just wish that voice wasn't crazy. if you read this all the way through... I apologize.

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